Gamx Inc is a Canadian incorporated private company established in 2007 to provide geophysical consulting services related to measurement, interpretation and application of natural and man-made gamma ray radiation to mineral exploration, geological mapping, environmental issues and emergency radiological response.

Gamma ray spectrometry

We measure the natural radioactivity of rocks and soils for many purposes. Gamma ray spectrometric instrumentation and methods have evolved and surveys have become increasingly popular for a variety of applications, but interpretation remains a little mysterious or daunting for many users.

Our clients recognize potential benefits of the method and typically acquire existing or new data, but need assistance with extracting full value from that information. Those focussed on geological mapping or mineral/hydrocarbon exploration are interested in how the gamma ray spectrometric patterns reflect bedrock geological units, alteration associated with commodities of interest, and especially anomalies directly associated with ores. Environmentalists want to know what may have been added to natural radioactivity patterns.

Geological survey organizations that gather and publish airborne gamma ray spectrometric data desire value-adding regional and local interpretive products to illustrate utility and to generate positive impacts for all stakeholders. These in turn stimulate valuable local interest and new private-sector investment.


“The majority of end-user value from an airborne gamma ray survey is delivered

through expert-interpreted products, at a fraction of the total survey cost”.