Case Histories

We have selected MANY case histories derived from various sources including the work of Mr. Shives, his colleagues at the Geological Survey of Canada, studies done in collaboration with Provincial/Territorial geological surveys or international partners, projects completed for GamX Inc. clients, and other sources. The examples illustrate a broad range of useful applications derived from decades of interpretation and field follow-up to airborne surveys.

These, and many more examples have been formally published in technical paper and journals and are presented in more detail in the workshops offered by GamX Inc.

Your questions, comments, feedback regarding the case histories presented, are always welcome: please Contact Us.

This selection of examples will be updated periodically.

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Bedrock Mapping

CH1 – Mega-regional Scale Geological Mapping - Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

CH2 – Property Scale Geological Mapping - Yukon Territory, Canada

Overburden Mapping

CH3 – Soil Mapping – Southern Manitoba, Canada

Mineral Exploration

CH4 – Uranium Exploration - Bancroft Area, Ontario, Canada

CH5 – REE Exploration – Nechalacho (Thor Lake), Northwest Territories, Canada

CH6 – REE Exploration – Allan Lake Carbonatite, Ontario, Canada

CH7 – REE Exploration – Carbonatites, “Property X”, Western Canada

CH8 – Gold – Skarn - Nueltin Lake, Nunavut, Canada

CH9 – Gold – Epithermal - Toodoggone Area, British Columbia

CH10 – Copper Porphyry General

CH11 - Copper-Gold Porphyry – Afton/Ironmask Area, BC, Canada

CH12 – Copper-Gold Porphyry – Mount Milligan/Phillips Lakes, BC, Canada

CH13 – Copper-Gold Porphyry – Mount Polley Mine, BC, Canada (under construction – coming soon!)

CH14 – Copper Porphyry – Casino Deposit, Yukon Territory, Canada

CH15 – VHMS Base Metals – Pilley’s Island, Newfoundland, Canada

CH16 – Diamonds (under construction – coming soon!)

CH17 – Hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas) – General


CH18 – Tailings, mine dumps – Port Hope, Ontario

CH19 – Environment – Nuclear plant drainage (under construction – coming soon!)


CH20 – Indoor Radon (under construction – coming soon!)

CH21 – Garbage (under construction – coming soon!)

CH22 – Lost Radioactive Sources (under construction – coming soon!)

Emergency Response

CH23 – Accidental Release (under construction – coming soon!)

CH24 – Intentional Release (under construction – coming soon!)